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Has perfected Can-Am rear differentials, because we are Can-Am riders. We strive to bring you the best products and service, to keep your bike on the trail and in the mud, so you can ride your Can-Am the way it was meant to be ridden.

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At Mud 'N Wheels, we're riders first and love to punish our machines in the canadian muskeg, so we know how your stock diff can let you down. If you're looking for the best you can trust, us to deliver. We are the best not just because we were the first, but because we have more hours in research and building theses diffs then any one else. Read our rider reviews to find out what our customers have to say about our G 2.0 and torque series diffs.

dirt trax
August 20, 2017
Dirt Trax Television
Recently we had the opportunity to work with Dirt Trax television on their project mud race bike build.    This has been such an honor and such a great experience please follow the link to YouTube and and watch the video
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We love to test our bikes and have a great time doing it! Check out our YouTube channel to see how much fun you can have in the mud. Our channel showcases how your can ams were meant to be ride'n and a few diff build vids.

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Can't say enough good things about my mudnwheels diff!
Love my mudNwheels diff!
No problem at all when someone does good work and has good service like y'all do I will send everyone I no yalls way thanks
Rode mine hard all summer, sure beats the hell outa the stock can am ones !
Super cool of Jarret Burley to share instead of hiding it and saying no one has ever had one fail. Stand up guy! I run one of his Torque Series in my beast and it's awesome, quite and takes the whatever I throw at it.
Hey man the diff is awesome iv got 1800km on it and haven't had problem, every time I check the oil and change the oil it's like the day I put it in.. it's 110%
You have a awesome product that can hold up to worse abuse anyone can throw at it!
Nothing but the best coming out of Mud N Wheels and happy to run it on anything Real Time ATV! Happy Thanksgiving Mud N Wheels!!
Last Year I was building a 1160 BBK Nitrous Gade for my Trail Rig, knowing that the g2 Diffs have their weaknesses reliability was a issue for me, after talking with Jarret a few times we decided to try out a XMR Torque Series Diff. Due to a Issue with my engine builder My g2 bike became the Extremeatvoffroad 1020 Nitrous Gade we all seen get beat on every weekend last year and the diff kept on Kicking!! After my Stint with a Turbo Maverick I Built a 975bbk Nitrous g1 Gade, it was a no brainer for me to go back to Jarret and get him to Build my Commander Diff, it was done fast as I had a rally coming up that weekend and wanted to make sure it was solid, after that weekend I put my 30 shot of nitrous in my bike and strapped on my 32" Crushed Silverbacks, after the Races in Lintlaw we brought the quad home dropped the oil and was happy to see it was still like new! The Next Two Weekends i Found that my Transmissions were my weak spot and not my Commander Rear Diff..... Needless to Say this Year I am building a Heavily Modified 2016 1000r Renegade, and the XMR Diff will be holding the rear End Together for me! Thanks For Everything Jarret! And Make sure to Watch Extremeatvoffroad and myself Beat on our XMR Diffs Next Year
Best money I've ever spent on my CanAm! And it keeps money in my pocket!!! Buying diffs once every other month gets old quick.
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Shane Dowden S3 racing
Tea Jaay Real Time Atv
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