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Who We Are

Mud riding isn't just something that we do. It's who we are. We punish our Can-Ams in the toughest possible conditions to test our riding ability, and to show how awesome our built machines are. It's all about bragging rights, who can get through the hole the the fastest and finish the ride under our own power. This is why we started building diffs. We needed a diff that would stand up to us! THAT is who we are and is what we do. If you want to know more about who we are, come ride with us on the weekends.

How It All Started

When Can Am released the Gen 2 1000's in 2012 I just had to get my hands on one. First impression was this is the best damn atv ever built. With its power steering, suspension, and more power than you knew what to do with, I was hooked. Within the first 400 miles I had already blown three differentials. A year later I was still blowing diffs and it became very clear that no one was going to fix this problem. Through hundreds of hours of trial and error, I found the answer. To test our metal, we put our diffs into the highest profile race bikes and through the toughest conditions to to prove to everyone what we already knew. That we had fixed Can-Am's differential problem! Now, two years later, we are very successful with our G 2.0 diffs and offer other great products that you know have been pit proven before we ever offer them for sale.

Where We Are Going

As our company continues to grow we are ever reaching and stretching to bring you great products that will keep you and your machine on the trail instead of on the sidelines. We see a need for improvements and strive to make your Can-Am even better. We did not reinvent the wheel here at Mud'N Wheels. All we have done is taken huge gobs of Can-Am rotational power, and transmit it 90 degrees to the ground. Keeping the power to the ground is the real magic.

- Jarret Burley
Owner of Mud 'N Wheels
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