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S3 Motor Sports
March 7, 2016
The FORCE FROM UP NORTH Is invading Mud Nationals.
That's right ya'll, us crazy Canucks are headed south for a party. Ostacruiser, FFUN Motor Sports and Mud'N Wheels are going to show you how us Canadians do things.
Mud'N Wheels has also teamed up with Dustin Jones of S3 Power Sports to make them an official dealer. For the first time ever, Mud'N Wheels diffs will be available for sale on American soil. Stock will be limited, when they are gone they're gone. Judging by the enthusiasm of this post will determine how many diffs and conversion kits we will bring with us. SO PLEASE, IF YOU WOULD LIKE A CERTAIN PRODUCT SPEAK UP NOW.
I personally want to meet as many Mud"N Wheels customers as i can. I can't wait to see you all there!