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December 20, 2020


Over the last 18 months we have been working hard to evolve.   We are proud to announce our strongest rear diff to date.   When developing our new xmr gear sets there were a few key points we wanted to hit.

  • High strength and impact resistant
  • Resist metal fatigue resulting in failure
  • Good wear characteristics
  • Provide our strongest diff at an affordable price

MudnWheels torque series evolution gear sets are FORGED from a high quality alloy.  The forging process adds 30-40% strength when compared to other gear sets that are machined out of the same alloy.   We wrap these gears in NSK bearings,  and install them in oem cases.  Set up and build these diffs to the highest standards you have come to expect from MudnWheels over the last 8 years.   This is the next evolution in Can Am rear diffs!  Official launch date January 4th 2021


2017 xmr diff failure
March 25, 2018

I just want to take a minute to talk about an issue i discovered just in the last few days.  In 2017 can am rear differentials began to come at an alarming pace.  If you are fighting with this issue please watch this video where i go in depth about the issue and how to solve it.

Dirt Trax Television
dirt trax
August 20, 2017

Recently we had the opportunity to work with Dirt Trax television on their project mud race bike build.    This has been such an honor and such a great experience please follow the link to YouTube and and watch the video

Single Center Slip-On for Renegade RJWC New Product
Renegade single center slip on
October 23, 2016

We are Very excited to announce that we will be the first Canadian RJWC dealer to have the new Single center slip-on for  all G2 Renegades, including the new Xmr Renegade.  This pipe is billed as having an absolutely distinct and intense sound.   Your riding buddies will know you're coming! If you are interested in being one of the first in North America to have this one of a kind product, shoot us an email or give us a call for pricing and details!



New RJWC Dealer
Xmr renegade full dual
September 12, 2016
This is a very exciting time for us here at Mud'n Wheels.   We  will still be building the diffs that you guys have come to count on.   We are very excited to announce that we are now the new RJWC dealer.   We are now transitioning into a full service atv repair shop and dealer of the coolest aftermarket parts that we run on our own bikes.   There is nothing that we will sell that we will not test on our own bikes first.   We are also picking up more product lines in the upcoming weeks.  All the products that we stock will be offered for sale on the website.  If there is a RJWC product you would like to order we can get it for you.   I hope you will check back with us as we update the website.
S3 Motor Sports
March 7, 2016
The FORCE FROM UP NORTH Is invading Mud Nationals.
That's right ya'll, us crazy Canucks are headed south for a party. Ostacruiser, FFUN Motor Sports and Mud'N Wheels are going to show you how us Canadians do things.
Mud'N Wheels has also teamed up with Dustin Jones of S3 Power Sports to make them an official dealer. For the first time ever, Mud'N Wheels diffs will be available for sale on American soil. Stock will be limited, when they are gone they're gone. Judging by the enthusiasm of this post will determine how many diffs and conversion kits we will bring with us. SO PLEASE, IF YOU WOULD LIKE A CERTAIN PRODUCT SPEAK UP NOW.
I personally want to meet as many Mud"N Wheels customers as i can. I can't wait to see you all there!
Grand Opening Save $100 Sale
Grand Opening XMR Torque Conversion Kit
February 16, 2016

I want to welcome you all to the brand new Mud'N Wheels website. We are very excited about this new project. Our goal is to create quicker turn around times, and in turn, help you all make your rides and events. We are growing fast, and this is out latest effort to serve you even better. We know without all of your support this would not be possible, so thank you all.

Mud'N Wheels is committed to providing the best possible service and providing the best products to keep you riding longer. We are very proud to announce we will be stocking more of our already proven products, and we also have some of the very cool new products, that you Gen 1 guys have been asking for for years. Please have a look around and keep checking back as we add new products. Our aim is to keep this page fresh and fun, with regular updates to this page and blog.

It is more affordable than ever to get that piece of mind knowing you can unleash all the Can-am power and still drive home. To celebrate our grand opening we are putting our best-selling product on sale for a limited time only! You will save $100 on the XMR Torque Series conversion kit!    Sale ends March 6th!

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