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The ultimate shock absorbers for drivers who are looking for maximum performance for their UTV

The Stage 5 shocks are designed around 3 key performance factors: high hydraulic flow, lightweight components and low-friction internal and moving parts. The perfectly balanced combination of those three factors allow a more precise tuning and much smoother damping action than anything else currently available for UTVs. Extreme riders can get better bump absorption and greater comfort while racers will significantly increase their speed and control. Arguably, the Stage 5 shocks are the most comfortable and best performing race-level shocks on the market today.

Stage 5 benefits & configuration

  • Helps to increase and maintain speed over rough terrain and bump.

  • Reduce excessive weight transfers such as body roll, diving and squatting.

  • Prevents bottoming-out upon harsh square-edged impacts and potholes.

  • Provides increased traction in all conditions for maximum maneuvrability.

  • Allows precise fine-tuning of all aspects of the suspension, without compromise.

  • Front shocks, 36mm or 46mm or 56mm, sold as a pair.

  • Rear shocks, 36mm or 46mm or 56mm or 66mm, sold as a pair.

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